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Our Borehole Villages Photo Galleries

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Tangawarshane Borehole Construction, 2007

Tangarwashane, 2012

View photos showing borehole construction and life in Tangarwashane, Kijigari and Ebagueye after water has been made available. The Tangarwashane borehole, completed in 2007, serves the needs of 4 sedentary villages, 5 semi sedentary camps, several camps of nomads passing through the area, and their livestock. During the dry season, approximately 25,000 people and animals drink and bathe thanks to this borehole. Today, Amman Imman conducts activities that include gardening, reforestation, a vaccination program, school support and food relief.




The Kijigari borehole, built in 2010, provides water to 6,000 people and their animals living in the village, as well as the people and their animals living in 15 camps and villages surrounding Kijigari. At the height of the dry season, more than 35,000 people and animals use this borehole. Continued activities include school support, revenue generating activities and reforestation.




The Ebagueye borehole, finished in 2012, supplies water to the main village and 11 smaller communities, as well as passing nomads and distant populations searching for water. During the height of the dry season, as many as 25,000 - 35,000 people and livestock benefit. Current activities include school support and reforestation.



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